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Inflatable Colorful Funcity for Kids

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Product Description

Inflatable colorful Funcity For Kids

Inflatable colorful Funcity For Kids is a great fun activity and superb obstacle course. Of course, this unit can be used independently or as part of a larger configuration. Either way, it is guaranteed to give your clients huge amounts of fun and excitement.

Product features:

A, high-quality PVC coated fabric:

1, high strength, good elasticity, excellent tensile, tear resistance, anti strippingproperty.

2, with a fire retardant, anti ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance.

3, waterproof, stain resistant, oil proof, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

4, high temperature resistance and cold resistance.

5, after testing, no stimulation to skin, no toxicity, no harm to human body.

Two, easy to use

1, fan without any transformer, directly connected to the ordinary family power, there are air inlet and outlet dedicated, able to quickly reach the use function, the deflatedfolding packaging, space is not occupied during storage.
2, mobile, whenever and wherever possible can be placed, inflatable deflated, only a few minutes.
Three, the function is strong
Products with climbing, jumping, slides, drill, step function, for children's free play with children, curious, lively personality characteristics, childhood. Comfortable, jumping surface soft, let the children be safety protection.
According to customer demand for customized products, or (Fig.) sample customizedproducts, price.



18 oz / 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin


custom size


1 piece


2-3 years


PVC tarpaulin bags for inflatable, carton for blower

What’s Included

repair kit and glue, durable packing bag. (blower is not included, feel free to buy from us at a discount price)


CE / UL / SGS / EN14960


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 3.  Convenience of installation

 4.  Durable, attractive,versatile,safety,waterproof and environment concerned 

How  to  Pack  It

Step1, Fold all the fabric that is hanging over the edge inward, to make the Bouncer a perfect square.

Step2, Fold one side to the middle. Then fold the other side to the middle. Walk the air out, from the front to the back. The more air you walk(or roll)out, the better.

Step 3,Fold the castle again from side to side, so the castle is exactly one-fourth its original width.

Step4, Roll up the castle really tight. Do not let air get trapped inside while rolling. Lift one end of the rolled castle while the other person slides the rope underneath the middle.

Step5, Bag it! Stand it up, put the bag on, then turn it upside down and pull the bag tight around it. Tie the bag rope like you would a shoelace




Incoterm: We accept EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF.

Production time: Normally 7~15 days. 

Shipping time: 15 days – 35 days depends on seaport.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d like to hear from you.

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