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Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses

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Product Description

  • Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses For Kids Birthday Party or Events, inside with obstacles will bring lots of fun.


  • Heavy duty commercial grade quality

  • Custom (color, size, logo and design)



18 oz / 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin


4mx4m / 13ftx13ft


1 piece


2-3 years


PVC tarpaulin bags for inflatable, carton for blower

What’s Included

repair kit and glue, durable packing bag. (blower is not included, feel free to buy from us at a discount price)


CE / UL / SGS / EN14960


Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses (1).jpg

Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses (2).jpg

Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses (3).jpg

Inflatable Mini Castle Jumper Bounce Houses (4).jpg



Incoterm: We accept EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF. 

Production time: Normally 7~15 days.
Shipping time: 15 days – 35 days depends on seaport.
More inflatable games information please contact:
Related News:    How to differentiate PVC and TPU?
Many customers don’t know the differences between TPU and PVC. So they sometimes bought TPU bubble ball but got PVC bumper ball,which makes them feel angry and sad.
Following are some ways to distinguish PVC and TPU:

  • Color:PVC is clear, TPU is light yellow.

  • Smell:PVC has, TPU doesn’t.

  • Flexibility:TPU has better flexibility than PVC and will restore back soon when pressed .

  • PVC will harden in low temperature while TPU is still soft.

  • When burned, PVC releases heavy smoke, TPU do not smoke.

  • PVC is not environmental friendly material,but TPU is.

  • PVC is suitable for low frequency using,like personal party,small outdoor activity; TPU is for high frequency using like rental or business event.

How do we use inflatable soccer balls?
Each player slides into the center of the Bump Ball, with their arms through the Harness. Once strapped in, each participant’s head is well below the top of the hollow tube, which ensures maximum fun without risk of accident or injury. Players can then move about the designated bumper Area – either individually, or interacting with other players.
How to maintain inflatable soccer balls for a longer life time?

  • Open the ball completely before inflate it.

  • Inflate 80%-90% of air into the ball,not 100%.

  • Don’t use on the cement floor with little stone,but on the grass ground.

  • Don’t play the ball with personal belongs like phone,watch,keys,etc.

  • Clean the surface of ball,using water to wash and make it dry.

  • Pack it back to the carry bag or carton after deflate and store it in the clean and dry place.                                                                              

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