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Inflatable Monster Car Obstacle Course

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Product Description

Inflatable Monster Car Obstacle Course Challenge Manufacturer. Party funny inflatable interactive sports game.


  • Heavy duty commercial grade quality

  • Custom (color, size, logo and design)



18 oz / 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin


Custom Size


1 piece


2-3 years


PVC tarpaulin bags for inflatable, carton for blower

What’s Included

repair kit and glue, durable packing bag. (blower is not included, feel free to buy from us at a discount price)


CE / UL / SGS / EN14960

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Company Information
QILE inflatable factory is a different inflatables factory located in China starting from 2010 year, we are a family-owned and operated company, and only use premium materials in our product to ensure good quality and protect our brand reputation, “to be recognized as the most credible inflatable supplier in China ” is VIL team mission.
Incoterm: We accept EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF.
Production time: Normally 7~15 days.
Shipping time: 15 days ”35 days depends on seaport.
More inflatable games information please contact:

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Inflatable tent are also a kind of tent, unlike traditional metal tents. Instead of using a metal framework, a framework designed for structural mechanics uses the pressure of the gas to support the skeleton. Not only lightweight, but also easy to carry.The inflatable tent has the advantages of convenient disassembly, strong thermal insulation, light weight, easy assembly, etc., and is easier to use than the traditional support tent.
Over the years, inflatable tents have become the bellwether of the tent industry, and have occupied most of the market share. This is because of the superior performance of inflatable tents, but what are the characteristics of inflatable tents?
PVC tarpaulin and Oxford cloth are used as cloth for inflatable tent. Inflatable tent has many advantages, such as waterproof, UV protection, non flammable, dustproof, sunscreen, moisture-proof. Suitable for disaster relief, outdoor camping, outdoor training and other outdoor projects.
In addition to cloth, there are other factors to consider according to the different needs of buyers. For example, according to the use of different occasions to choose inflatable tents of different colors and design, according to the number of users to choose different sizes of tents etc. In addition, some tents have special properties to suit the needs of some special outdoor operations.
Compared to traditional tents, inflatable tents have an advantage over Traditional tents. It is small in size, light in weight, and can be compressed, many functions are not available in traditional tents, and the installation and disassembly are fairly simple, it won’t take up too much manpower and material resources. Especially when rescue and disaster relief, it can highlight the advantages of inflatable tents, when the road is blocked, it can be air-drop without damage.

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