Inflatable Ball Playground

3 in 1 Blow up Inflatable Basketball Court

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Product Description

  • 3 in 1 Blow up inflatable basketball court

  • Take on the challenge! A head to head challenge with your opponent you pull and they pull against each other with a bungee attaching you both. Who will get the shot and who will go flying



18 oz / 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin


custom size


1 piece


2-3 years


PVC tarpaulin bags for inflatable, carton for blower

What’s Included

Repair kit and glue, durable packing bag. (blower is not included, feel free to buy from us at a discount price)


CE / UL / SGS / EN14960


QLSP57 3 in 1 Blow up inflatable basketball court (1).jpg

QLSP57 3 in 1 Blow up inflatable basketball court (2).jpg

QLSP57 3 in 1 Blow up inflatable basketball court (3).jpg

QLSP57 3 in 1 Blow up inflatable basketball court (4).jpg


(1) Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer; inflatable factory is located in Henan and we have office and warehouse in Guangzhou, if convenient, welcome to visit us.

(2)Your blowers and pumps meet CE/UL requirements?

Our blowers and pumps are with the certificate of CE/UL.

(3) Can we change the size and color based on the original?

Yes, the size and color can be customized according to your requirement. And if you have your own design, just send us, OEM and ODM are available. 

(4) Can you print my picture or logo on the inflatable products?

Yes, we can print your picture or logo on the inflatable products, and you can offer the picture in any format.

(5) How do I clean it?

Just use soap and water. Do not use any kind of solvents.

(6) What kind of guarantee you give?

Our inflatable products can be used for more than 36 months.(Normally it is about 3-5 years.) If it is damaged, you can use the glue and material to repair it. Because it is too long distance to ship goods back, we will send a kit bag for every inflatable product.

(7) How long does it need to blower?

We have 2 kinds of craftwork, one is normal, if the inflatable was made by normal craftwork, need to blow all the time; if made by air-locking craftwork, one filling can play for about 3 days .Do not need to continue blowing.

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