Why does the mobile water park win the traditional model?
Jan 25, 2019

     Nowadays, mobile water parks are more and more popular among the public and merchants, and even gradually become the enemy of traditional water amusement projects. The reason is that mobile water parks have many advantages over tradition, and it is these advantages that make mobile water parks more and more popular. Next, let Qile show you the advantages of this one by one.

     For any project, the cost of investment is the first consideration. Compared with the traditional water amusement project, the mobile water park not only has low investment cost, but also has a shorter construction period and a faster return. Moving a water park does not require the construction of a swimming pool, nor the need to purchase land use rights. You only need to rent a suitable land to fill our products, and a colorful water park will appear in front of you.

     Of course, low investment does not mean that the project is less interesting. Compared with the traditional water amusement project, it has a variety of ways to play, to meet the guests' various ways of climbing, running, jumping, shaking and sliding, in addition to being cool. The cool water in the water, while playing a variety of interesting novelty aquatic products.


     In addition to these, there is a more important point in moving the water park. The mobile water park is easy to disassemble and more flexible. The traditional water amusement project can't avoid the loss in the off-season, but the land is not profitable. The mobile water park does not have to worry about this problem at all. In the off-season, the product can be packaged into the warehouse, and the venue can be vacated for other purposes, avoiding the problem of the site shelving losses. At the same time, due to the use of air-molded products and soft materials, the mobile water park will undoubtedly strengthen the protection measures for the guests, so as to avoid the bumps during the play and let the guests play more.


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