How To Select Perfect Inflatable For Your Party
Jan 14, 2019

Nowadays, inflatable bouncers are no longer just for children's birthday parties. With the development of inflatable games, you can get a perfect inflatable bouncer for any party or event you are going to throw. The complicated air filled structure can accommodate a lot of kids and adults to have fun during the parties and other events. There are various of inflatables on the market can meet your needs to entertain your guests for hours. The following are a few factors you need to consider when planning a great inflatable party!

1. Party Theme

Everything you want to use to add fun should consider your party theme first. For example, in the cold weather. no one would want to try your inflatable water slides. Considering the party theme, guests age groups and the weather, you can choose a lot of different inflatables to make your party a great success! The common inflatable party jumpers themes include favorite cartoons, Disney, animals, cars, jungles, oceans, pirates, princess, dinosaurs, sports, etc. You can choose small bounce houses or bouncy castles for little kids, or choose giant inflatable wet/dry slides to entertain teens and adults. There are lots of different inflatable games can match different party themes.

2. Inflatable Functions

For simple bounce houses and combo units, you can choose different features such as basketball hoop, small obstacles, climbing wall and ball pit. This is easy to entertain little kids. But for other ages of guests, the simple bouncing area is not enough. You can consider more challenging inflatables such as giant slides, inflatable water parks, large inflatable obstacle courses, various of interactive games, etc. No matter what type of party you are planning, you can get the most suitable amusement. For example, you can set up an inflatable foosball arena if you are enjoying a football game gathering, or a small inflatable boxing ring for a boxing match gathering.

3. Inflatable Size

Whether you choose a bounce house or an inflatable slide, the size is something you have to consider. First, the size of you bounce house determine how many kids you can entertain at the same time. Second, it also determine how much space you should arrange for this inflatable structure. If you want to plan multiple different inflatable games at your party, then the available arena is very important. When you are making a themed party plan, the party theme, entertainment games and the party arena should be considered integrated. You should know some commercial grade inflatables units are extremely large before you take it to your party.

4. Safety

Since there will be kids come to your party and play on the inflatable structures, so it's your responsibility to keep them safe during your party. For example, you don't want to see somebody drowning at your swimming pool party. So, when you get one or more inflatable bouncers at your party, you should check the materials and conditions of each unit, and each children inflatable jumper will require at least adult supervisor. In addition, as the party planner, you should also manage all the power extension cords, electric blowers and anchoring stakes. Keep an eye on all the guests who want to play and make sure they follow your safety rules. And don't forget to pay attention to the changes in the weather if you have your party outdoors.

Both renting or buying inflatables for parties and events can be easy on the Internet. There are many bounce house rental companies now also provide party planner services too. So you can just tell them all your requirements and let them do the work for you. If you want something unique, you can direct custom your entertainment inflatable bouncers from the manufacturer to make your great party more successful.

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