If The Venue Is Big Enough, Choose A Bouncy Castle With Rock Climbing And A Big Slide.
Jan 23, 2019

    In the face of many inflatable castles now, how do we choose a inflatable castle that suits you? Now let me introduce you to a large slide of climbing rock castles produced by QILE.

    The climbing slide of the inflatable castle, as the name implies, is a bouncy castle with a large slide. What is the general specification of the castle? According to the QILE workshop, the castles with rock climbing and large slides are generally 8X15, 9X16, 10X20. Wait, this slightly larger size, too small inflatable castle can not fit (the smallest rock climbing is 120 square meters), which advantage is the climbing inflatable castle big slide compared to the ordinary inflatable castle?

    1. Can enhance self-confidence: the rock wall that is taller than the height of the team is still resolutely climbing upwards. It is not afraid of the difficulty of the team in the process of inflatable rock climbing. The nature of the heart is naturally more confident than the average person;

    2. Can enhance physical fitness: inflatable inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing movement is the balance of strength and beauty of hands and feet, and is enough to load their own weight, against gravity, the girl in inflatable rock climbing is not at all lost to boys;

    3. Can improve the concentration: When the foot is under the solid rock, pay attention to every detail of the body moving on the rock wall. At this time, it is especially necessary to concentrate on it, which is of great help to children's future learning achievements;

    4. Increase the enterprising spirit: When you are climbing, are you giving up or continuing to persist? It is not entirely courage to describe, but also the determination of willpower, honor and self-transcendence;

    5. Improve the softness and coordination of the body - this is the key ability of inflatable inflatable castles for inflatable rock climbing, and its importance is better than physical strength; foreign countries have used inflatable inflatable rock climbing in the medical field to correct the development of children's muscles, and hands, Eye and body coordination;

    6. Enhance the sense of balance: “Inflatable inflatable castle inflatable rock climbing” is called “spider man” walking on the rock wall. The basic posture of walking is “three points, one movement”, which is the sense of balance; Only once, the children who are still developing the balance of mind and body, balance between hands and feet, need to strengthen the training of this physical fitness, healthy and happy growth.

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